A Way of Curating video (2005)

“A Way of Curating” was a performance made for video in collaboration with Emelie Chhangur, and was meant to be screened, since I was not attending in person, at the Ontario Association of Art Galleries’ Unspoken Assumptions—Curators in Context in Banff, July 16, 2005. The critique of curating came first, then the comedy, poking more fun at myself than curating, however. It was a “Five Shirts Productions.” But at the end of the one take (we were lent Vtape’s screening room, but only for an hour), with the cuing of video and the changing of shirts—to mark temporal disjunctions—I realized I had changed into only four shirts. The coda was then made later to honour that fifth shirt. The opening shot, of course, is an homage to the opening credits of Kenneth Anger’s Scorpio Rising.

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