Artists Review (1978-1979)

Artists Review was founded by the painter Milt Jewell out of a dislike for mainstream coverage of visual arts in Toronto. It was written by artists for artists and concentrated on current exhibitions, so one could read about exhibitions just after they happened. It was produced on an IBM Selectric and photocopied, then distributed for free in galleries. I wrote for it for a couple a years and for part of that time was the editor before I was asked to leave because of the so-called political orientation I was introducing to some of the copy and covers.

Every young critic starts somewhere. Usually this is what is given by tradition. There is no tradition of Canadian art writing so that meant, for me, turning, of course, to what was dominant: American art criticism, itself mirroring the power and authority of American art. A young critic always starts from texts, from what is pre-given in publication—which, once again reflects who has the power to publish: New York. This early writing shows where I began and the process of disengagement.